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Anastasia Kovaleva spoke about the intellectual system of the Poliform showroom, which was installed by Intelcity.

The dream of any person to be understood at a glance. If I say that there is a system that is literally made for this. Available about smart home further in the Design Tour.

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Much has been said about the smart home. We have understood that this is an automatic control system that is installed in your room and makes your life comfortable. Air conditioning, lighting, heating, fire alarm, video surveillance, entertainment, even automatic curtains – all can be friends with each other and controlled at the touch of a button. So that you don’t have any questions about what it looks like in practice, I asked the director of the Jung office in Ukraine, Ritis Misiavičius, to show everything.
Jung’s history is over 100 years old, but we will not go into details. The main thing you need to know – its founder Albert Jung, by the way, an engineer by education, has gone from a small production of switches to a large corporation that collaborates with architectural firms and world-class architects, such as Marcel Vanders. Jung easily decorates apartments, offices, hotels, objects of public importance with its systems. Moreover, it does not matter where the premises are located: in Europe, Asia or in Ukraine. The company’s specialists will do everything at the highest level.
To demonstrate all the benefits of a smart home system, we visited the Poliform open showroom in Kyiv, which incorporates an automation and control system, or, simply, a smart home.
Natalia Bolshakova, designer: – Convenience of the interior together with aesthetics and comfort – the most important thing for its owner. Of course, now it is difficult to imagine a modern interior without the inclusion of elements of a smart home. Here it is important to apply technology correctly, because a smart home should help you live comfortably.

In the Poliform showroom everything is done so that the client could appreciate the benefits of certain interior elements in combination with the right lighting, in the right atmosphere. In fact, this is a ready-made design solution, and the ability to switch modes with one button can not be underestimated.

Anastasia Kovaleva: – We are now in a wonderful space. What system is implemented here?
Ritis Misiavicius: – In this wonderful house, showroom, office, workplace, automation, intelligent control based on the system of Jung – KNX.
Anastasia Kovaleva: – It is really very convenient, because the showroom is the place where the customer chooses and looks at how this or that model will look at it in an interior in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening at any lighting.

Let me remind you that the components of the smart home system can be installed gradually and only to the extent that you need. For example, Poliform had a specific task performed by Jung specialists.
The entire space of the Poliform showroom can be controlled not only through built-in modules in the room, but also through a phone or tablet from anywhere in the world where there is Internet.
You can set the desired temperature in the microclimate system, change the lighting scheme at the touch of a button. The interface of the system is intuitive and clear even to a child. In today’s age of digital technology, you are probably wondering whether a hacker can take control of your home and turn on and off the lights in the house at the most inopportune moment via the Internet. You can relax, you can’t. If someone gets your control tablet, no one will be able to do anything.

Anastasia Kovaleva: – Is there any system that allows you to recognize the owner of the house?
Ritis Misiavičius: – The security system, like all systems of our equipment, has several levels of protection. First, to enter the tablet itself, you need to enter one, two or more passwords. Secondly, you also need a password to enter the control program, and thirdly, you can create groups of passwords. For example, under my password I can control only the lighting in one of the zones, and another person with his password can control absolutely the whole house.

Of course, like any appliance, a smart home system can break, but it is usually a mechanical fault. Besides, you shouldn’t worry about it at all. after all, all systems have a warranty.

Anastasia Kovaleva: – If there are power outages, then what happens to our system?
Ritis Misiavičius: – The system stores all the memory and everything that was previously programmed in it. When electricity reappears, the devices immediately restore the state when they were turned off. Some devices are specially programmed to open or lower in the event of a power failure.

The very existence of a smart home system is designed to simplify your life as much as possible. You no longer have to walk around the apartment, put remotes and switches, creating comfort. I pressed the button, everything adjusts to the prescribed program. For example, a romantic dinner, a dream, or a party. You can adjust the voice control in general, but it is an additional option that you need to buy.
Anastasia Kovaleva: – Can this system from Jung be a design element?
Ritis Misiavičius: – This is the essence of Jung. All our devices are designed to blend perfectly with the interior. Our only second task is to make them function

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