One day in the house with intelligence “Morning with Inter”.




In the plot of the morning show on the Inter TV channel, the journalist spoke about the amazing properties of an intelligent home, which helps to save money thanks to an energy efficient philosophy.

Scenario "Morning": the curtains open, the lights turn on to wake up faster and feel comfortable for the eyes. Nice music starts to play.

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Leonid Nikolaev shows us how a house works with intelligence. Smart devices learn the habits of the owner, and then adjust the home space to suit those preferences.

The temperature sensor, or thermostat, understands how quickly the house heats up in order to close the windows or start cooling at the right time.

All smart home systems save time and resources, because it is based on an energy efficient philosophy: to produce and use as much as the owner really needs. The developers explain that during the cold season, in most apartments, central heating works 24/7. It is impossible to regulate the temperature in the house, so the receipts are received by people with exorbitant amounts, because they pay for the excess heat, which they do not really need.

Solar panels can provide your home with electricity and make it independent from any power outages.

Smart energy storage is a great battery for your entire home. This electricity can be used at night, or at night, store it when it is half the price, and use it during the day.

You can control the drive using a smartphone, and it is also simply irreplaceable when the current disappears from the network.

In Europe, such storage devices, even in bad weather, can predict when a thunderstorm is approaching or a hurricane, the batteries are pre-filled with electricity in order to be able to work offline for several days.

This device is an anti-flooding system: on the tablet screen you can see when water flows from the tap and when not. If a critical situation arises at your command or automatically, the water supply to the house will be cut off.

Conventional air conditioners will become a thing of the past because they waste a lot of energy and can negatively affect human health. They are being replaced by a completely new generation of climate systems. Leonid Nikolaev says: “A device called a heat pump uses a heat exchanger to cool the water that circulates in the pipes of the cold stream. They can be integrated into drywall or simply hidden under the plaster. Thus, we get coolness on all surfaces where these pipes are enclosed. comfortable, optimal and very pleasant. This is the effect of a natural cave. ”

These are just some of the modern technologies that can already be used indoors. Most systems are adjusted automatically, so while your house is heating up, it monitors the current in the network and according to the pressure of water in the pipes, you can simply relax and devote time to something important and enjoyable.

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