We continue to learn with Finder Italia

The company presented its products in the INTELCITY smart home and the capabilities of sensors

Creativity of our engineer in 3D printing

Every time we are surprised what solutions are implemented with the help of a 3D

Have you ever seen what a technological symbiosis looks like?

We compare each shield from our engineers to the ideal canvas of a master of

The large-scale completion of 2020 is a performance at the first international D-FORUM

This is a unique event in Ukraine in the field of interior design with the

This year has become incredibly cool and successful for INTELITY

Thanks to friends, clients and partners! The Intelcity Intellectual House team wishes you large-scale and

The cinema smart home upgrade!

New generation projection solution on the market – UST Epson projector, brightness 40,000Lum – laser

Another masterpiece from our engineer

Intelligent house Intelcity forms a new model of modern housing, in which engineering systems with

Great start to the week at DIM

A large office, friendly people, interesting discussions – what you need to discuss interesting innovative

Perhaps the best country club in Ukraine

Cooperation began with a very complex technological facility, the Greenhouse Complex, climate control systems were

Technologies are innovative when they are not shy about showing them off

This is the approach taken by one of our clients and the innovative and talented

The BIM created by our designer is a model of a cinema that will be implemented in one of the residential complexes in our city.

Designing technology 3D modeling allows us to recreate for our clients a complete plan for

NTELCITY keeps building perfect shields!

Another house will become intelligent thanks to the automation system, which is successfully implemented by

Completing the next object

It’s a little sad, because at each object we leave a piece of our soul,

INTELCITY together with DTEK – DTEK is preparing a unique energy storage and distribution system for testing

For the first time in Ukraine, the INTELCITY smart home together with DTEK – DTEK

Automation behind the scenes at INTELCITY

The next perfect shield is ready, which was individually assembled for the needs of the

Intelcity is the only smart home in Ukraine and Eastern Europe with its own test site

Vaillant UA is a world leader in the production of heating equipment, represented in 60

Intelligent space automation systems implemented by INTELCITY

Providing climate control in your home (heating, cooling, ventilation, humidification) Lighting and power supply Security

Intelligent space Intelcity on guard with a new CCTV camera!

The camera is equipped with modern face recognition technology, real-time broadcasting and automatic notification to

Part of the work that came under the lens is the birth of a new shield – the heart of the automation system!

It is immediately clear how much work the master put into this handsome man and

Intelligent Home Training Intelcity

INTELCITY continues the presentation and training of the Intelligent Home Intelcity with new strengths, ideas

Intelligent solutions are available here and now in the Intelcity Intelligent Home.

Several samples have already been installed by our partners. One of these curiosities is installed

In ancient times, design was seen as the “science of the architect”

The architect’s activity was associated not only with the construction of buildings, but also with

INTELCITY company is the official partner of high-quality equipment from Miel in Kiev

We treat all our visitors with delicious coffee from a smart Miele coffee machine You

Uponor Phyn Plus – water flow control, leakage protection in Intelligent Home Intelcity

Intelligent Home Intelcity is an intelligent home that tests innovations, in real conditions, to make

Photo report from the celebration of the 16th anniversary of the company

November 26, 2019. Photo report from the celebration of the 16th anniversary of Intelligent Home

ELLE Decoration

ELLE Decoration international design AWARDS UKRAINE 2019

The smart home of the future is available today – # Home and interior.

You can come to visit, see what solutions will be available and choose for yourself.

Opening of the exclusive exposition Molteni & C | Dada in Kharkov

Intelligent apartments of the future from the company Intelligent Home Intelcity, now you can see