Experts and clients about smart space as the standard of the future




During the existence of Intelcity, we have collected a lot of reviews and opinions about the smart home system – about its innovation, comfort and integrity. You will find some of them in this video

Leonid Nikolaev is the founder of the Intelcity intellectual house: "A person always wants to look into the future, to see what will happen tomorrow. And, as a rule, it is not always possible to do this accurately. The main task of this house is to show how a person will interact with space literally in the coming days."

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Sergei Kobylinsky is the owner of an intellectual townhouse: “This is an amazing impression, because you forget that you live in an intellectual space. You know, I had such expectations when you buy a new gadget.”

Ivan Yunakov – architect, founder of Yunakov Architecture & Design: “If we talk about the function, then, of course, initially it is the climate: air conditioning, ventilation, heating, an outdoor weather station, which says what temperature is outside and what temperature is desirable inside.”

Alexey Shcherbachev is the founder of the Incube Design modern design workshop: “What is cool about this system is that you can come up with scenarios together with the customer. For example, what will be the space when a person comes home from work – what will be included at this moment, in what the position will be curtains and much more.

Anastasia Kovaleva – presenter on the YouTube channel Design Tour: “You can endlessly listen and watch about the smart home system, but you just have to try it once and you will have no doubts. From myself, the person who tried it, I can say that this is a must- have of every modern space ”.

Leonid Nikolaev – the founder of the Intelcity intellectual house: “We are not creating a separate system, but a well-thought-out complex, a single organism that maintains coziness, comfort and safety of the home”.

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