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Leading international provider of systems and solutions for the supply of clean drinking water, energy efficient radiant and cooling systems, and reliable infrastructure solutions.

Alexander Kachanovsky, on behalf of Uponor, shared his experience of working with Intelcity as a tester of innovative systems with a responsive team of professionals.

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Alexander Kachanovsky – Regional Development Manager of Uponor: “Uponor has been working with Intelcity for over 6 years. Together we have implemented the Intelcity facility, office and demonstration site, which has become an excellent platform for testing our surface heating and cooling systems, as well as an innovative device for monitoring water flow and leakage. Feedback from the company has become very useful for us during the implementation of our products at customer sites.

The uniqueness of Intelcity is that everyone can visit their office with implemented modern technologies and see everything with their own eyes, touch, hear feedback from employees about the features of the devices.

For us, as a manufacturer, this is a great opportunity to make sure that such systems are relevant and useful in practice.

While working, first of all, you pay attention to the team, to the people who move the company forward. Regarding Intelcity, I would like to note that kind, open, responsive people work here, ready to answer a call at any time, go to the facility, and advise. It is a team of professionals who integrate the innovations of the future into today. ”


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