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Ivan Yunakov

Architect, founder of Yunakov Architecture & Design

Ivan Yunakov, architect, founder of Yunakov Architecture & Design, told Anastasia Kovaleva about the main functions of a smart home in the YouTube program Design Tour.

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Anastasia Kovaleva: Is the “smart home” system more relevant for private or public interiors?
Ivan Yunakov: – Our practice shows that there are more private houses or offices. If we talk about the functions of a smart home, then, of course, initially it is the climate: air conditioning, ventilation, heating, an outdoor weather station, which says what temperature is outside and what temperature is desirable inside. Also, the control of external blinds, which are blocked in a certain way to the south side to reduce the ingress of sunlight, so that the room does not warm up. Next, access control is important, and the third is lighting, that is, programmable scenarios, and acoustics.

Anastasia Kovaleva: “Intelcity houses many brands, many systems, they are friends and unite on the basis of a“ smart home ”. This is probably really convenient for today.

Ivan Yunakov: – Conveniently, this is true, but the most important thing is that everything is configured correctly, that the commands are correctly spelled out. If we are talking about an interior with a “smart home” system, then we have many lighting scenarios, that is, many light sources: chandeliers, ceiling light, spot, low light, floor lamps, whatever. Accordingly, in an ordinary outlet, we will see a huge number of adapters, extension cords and switches. And this is where the “smart home” system works. To solve this issue, there is a small wall panel, which includes a certain number of twisted pairs, where everything is connected together. Multitasking is done in one small block.

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