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Alexander lives in this apartment with his girlfriend. For a young couple, using new technologies is already a lifestyle, which is why Intelcity has implemented the most innovative solutions in this space. The coolest and most convenient thing is automatic climate control.

Intelcity visited Alexander, a resident of the Tetris Hall residential complex. He shared with us his impressions of his intellectual apartment in the very center of the Ukrainian capital.

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“In general, everything is very easy to manage. When entering the house, I do not need to look for the switch. Light turns on automatically. When I go to the toilet, or when I decide to take a shower late at night, I disturb no one.

Very convenient with climate control also. I set the temperature in the room and it is automatically maintained. If I forget to turn off the light before I go to bed, I can still do so with my phone while lying down comfortably.

When I leave the house, all appliances and sockets are turned off, which is also very convenient and helpful. All sensors work without interruption.

The only strange and funny situation was when new guests visit us. Since they are not familiar with the system, instead of entering a room where the light turns on automatically, they try to find the switch and click all the buttons.

What is unusual are the large number of buttons. To make it simpler, we have configured many modes that we do not use now, so now we create and set less ones, and we only set those that are most important. In general, we have had no problems with the system. It works very well and without interruption. So far we did not need to call for any technical support.

The coolest and most convenient thing is the automatic climate control. It has 2 modes, “Home” and “Not Home”. When I am home, it maintains the same temperature, and when I turn on the “Not home” mode, it switches down or up depending
on how I feel when entering my home.

When the sun is too bright in the morning, I can close the curtains while lying in bed with my phone and continue to sleep on.

When I leave home, I don’t worry that something may happen, because there is a security system, including an anti-flood function. That is why I do not worry about not turning off the tap.If this happens, the water flow stops automatically. “

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