As a modern architect uses intelligent systems. Alexei Shcherbachov at the Intelcity intellectual house.




Alexey Shcherbachev

He is engaged in the design of public and private interiors for people who enjoy fashion trends and innovations in architecture, design and art.

Alexey Shcherbachev, founder of the Incube Design modern design workshop, told Anastasia Kovaleva about working with intelligent systems in the Design Tour YouTube program.

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Alexey Shcherbachev, founder of the modern design workshop Incube Design: – Quality and reliability are always associated with German systems. Shown here are Jung KNX systems. What’s cool about this system is that you can come up with scenarios together with the customer. For example, what the space will be like when a person comes home from work: what will turn on at this moment, in what position the curtains will be, and much more.

The system can also be used outside the home. This is where all the functionality lies.

In a private house or apartment, everything is aimed at convenience, relaxation and comfort, and in public spaces, in offices, an intelligent space system is simply vital in order to effectively communicate with employees and manage personnel.

Many positive features, such as cost optimization. When a person is outside the home, the system reduces the heating temperature of the house, including unnecessary appliances, outlet groups. I forgot to turn off the iron – not a problem, you can go to the application from your phone and easily turn off the power.

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