Designing technology 3D modeling allows us to recreate for our clients a complete plan for the implementation of an object in a virtual space, thereby thinking over all the details at the design stage

Advantages of 3D design:

Visibility of drawings.

We provide a full 3D diagram with explanations, which we supplement each letter in the architectural section.

We provide our clients with a 3D model of the building, in which they can “walk” virtually.

Elimination of errors.

Due to the fact that all the elements of the house are reflected in the model, it is possible to avoid a large number of mistakes that are in the “flat” design.

Dynamic estimate.

All elements of the model and parts of the building can be calculated and their volumes and practically all information on them can be obtained.

This gives the client all the possibilities in calculating the construction of his own house, apartment, office. Accelerating the design process.

VIM design makes it possible to carry out design several times faster than conventional design.

3D design facilitates understanding between us and our clients and facilitates the organization of the construction process. That is why Intelcity uses BIM technologies on most objects and is happy to design a future house in a 3D model for you.