This is a unique event in Ukraine in the field of interior design with the message “Design with Purpose”, which took place offline and online! One of the speakers was Leonid Nikolaiev, the founder of Intelcity and the owner of the only demonstration smart house in Ukraine.

Leonid Nikolaiev’s speech on the topic “Harmony of engineering and architecture” at D-FORUM gave an understanding that engineering is an integral part of modern design and architecture and “The past is only distinguishable from the future by the availability of technologies” A new, modern and unique project, which is now being implemented by Intelcity together with DIM – “City of the Future”, where there is the only symbiosis of high-quality architecture, design, modern technologies and innovations, we presented at D-FORUM

D-FORUM is 2 days of absorbing interesting and useful information non-stop. Topical live topics that are presented to the public and demonstrated by a large number of speakers and participants who are sure that modern design is “design with meaning” transformation of thoughts and ideas high-quality networking unique projects international speakers innovative approaches intelligent technologies

Thanks to the organizers of the D-Forum for the wonderful atmosphere and the invitation to speak as a speaker on the topic of modern technologies in design!