What will your Intellectual House be like? Come to the test drive of 600 m² of intelligence and innovation in Kyiv.



The Communications Manager of Intelcity spoke about the smart systems of the demo house, among which the Uponor solutions are also presented.

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Intelcity is a system integrator of engineering systems for the automation of objects of any type: apartments, houses, offices, shopping centers, shops, greenhouses – we can automate the premises of any quadrature.

In 2013, we built the only intelligent demonstration house in Ukraine, where everyone can come and see various modern innovative technological innovations.When creating our office, we chose the technologies of the future in order to demonstrate by our own example how they can work today. Choosing the most efficient solutions for heating and cooling systems, we chose Uponor engineering solutions, because they allowed us to achieve all of the tasks.

If you noticed, there are no wall-mounted air conditioners in our office at all, as the Uponor Renovis cooling system fully satisfies all our needs.

We have some examples of cold ceilings in our office. One of them is open so that our clients and visitors can see how the system looks from the inside. Another option is a fully finished protection panel with drawn outlines in order to understand how the system looks when mounted.

Uponor Renovis works for both heat and cold: it cools in summer and warms up in winter.

The heat carrier is water, which in our office is heated through a natural source – the sun, thanks to solar panels.

Since Intelcity is a testing ground for innovative technologies in Ukraine, about two years ago, our office became the first home where Uponor Phyn Plus was installed, which today allows us to successfully monitor and control water consumption in our smart home.

Intelcity office is the first demonstration smart home in Ukraine, so if you want to get closer to innovations and technologies, we invite you to a live demonstration!

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