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The main cabinet of the smart home, which contains all panel devices that control the systems: climate control, lighting, security. This cabinet is divided into two cells – all the circuit breakers are located on the left, and the right side is for the complex automation.

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In addition to the main cabinet, the apartment has a second one, a low-current one, which houses all the equipment of wired and wireless Internet, a video surveillance system, as well as a NAS, which contains content of the highest quality for maximum enjoyment of the home cinema system.

A full complex of controls of heating systems, air conditioning systems and exhaust ventilation systems in bathrooms, corridors, dressing rooms are implemented. Each zone can be individually controlled, at will, using designer wall panels, a mobile app or automatic sensors.

For example, lighting control is realized both through wall panels, scenario-wise, and automatically using ceiling sensors that recognize

the presence of a person in the room. The regulation of natural light is carried out through the control of the cornices, which is woven into the general scenarios and is in the mobile application.

Your smart home takes care of your safety and consists of an alarm system integrated into the automation complex, a Samsung-based video surveillance system, as well as an anti-flood system, the sensors of which are hidden in every wet area of ​​the house. They notify about any emergency situation by issuing a squeak and also notifying through the mobile application.

The living area has a home theater system with five speakers, a subwoofer and a high-quality TV. It is noteworthy that the system is controlled from one universal touch screen remote control.
There is also a multi-room system, which is implemented differently in each room.

For example, the living room does not have separate ceiling speakers, but it has a receiver. Without turning on the TV, the user can enjoy high-quality content, world Internet radio, music stored on the device, and so on through the mobile application.

Each room has a sound projector under the TV, which can also broadcast music from anywhere in the world and produces the highest quality sound.

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