Cinema in residential complex Obolon Residences



Obolon Residences is a modern premium-class LCD in the capital of Ukraine, where its own automated intelligent cinema for the residents of the residential complex has been implemented. A unique project implemented by Intelcity.

More details

Obolon Residences opened on the 1st floor for all residents of the complex was equipped with its own automated home theater from Intelcity.


Thanks to the integrated intelligent system, you can book your favorite movie to watch with loved ones at any convenient time without leaving your apartment, or driving home through the app.


When booking, you can immediately specify a comfortable temperature for you, which will automatically be set before your arrival and add individual parameters, if desired. Watching a movie in an intelligent cinema will be no less pleasant than booking, because you can start a movie by pressing just 1 button, the so-called script “movie” and immediately see how everything around automatically adjusts to you. Gradually the light goes out, the backlight turns on and the movie starts.


The modern transparent screen with ambient light illumination, high-quality acoustic sound, comfortable recliner chairs with a new function of heating or cooling drinks will allow you to fully immerse yourself in watching your favorite movie.


The automated cinema will be another place in the complex, outside your own apartment, where you can have fun with your neighbors or guests and enjoy a mega-modern and comfortable viewing of anything!

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