Intelligent office of the companies of the future. Domio. Poliform.



Poliform is the embodiment of flawless interior design, which is an intersection of modern design and innovative technologies. This is not just a showroom, but a working office of the Domio company, where aesthetics are complemented by the functionality of engineering.

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The intelligent space for Domio was created and executed by Intelcity. All Intelcity engineering solutions create an architectural unity, where the main idea is naturalness and simplicity.

Design-integrated automatic climate control maintains a comfortable temperature by zone.

An undoubtedly important part of the aesthetics of living space is the lighting works according to the script which allows you to control light groups.

The regulation of external raff curtains and internal roller shutters is automated, as well as the security systems and multiroom in each zone.

The company has implemented solutions. where harmony of architecture and engineering, is combined into a single whole, endowing the aesthetics of the interior with the properties of an intelligent space.

The futuristic offices and showrooms of Poliform, with its synergy of unique properties, creates a space that is full of beauty, safety and comfort for employees, customers and guests.

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